Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Maya Lanlan's Fashions

Maya is quite into her fashion. She is very conscientious about what she wears and how it goes together. Everything must match in some way and if it doesn't she is not a happy girl. She is a girly girl and loves her skirts and dresses however she is still learning common sense in fashion and what is appropriate for what occasion. She is getting better at that and more flexible and with Canadian weather you sure have to be flexible. Not every day is a dress day, not if you don't want to freeze your petunias off.

Anyway Maya wants to be a fashion designer among other things so she is having sewing lessons and is doing good with it. She is interested to learn it and I'm happy about it. Here she has created a beautiful dress for her doll with lots of bow embellishments. Also she has sewn a pretty shirt for a toddler girl and her first polka dot skirt. Well on her way.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Another birthday

This one is a 12th birthday for Maya. Sometimes we're not sure what age she is as at times she acts much younger and then much older . She tries to act all grown up and then her silly side wins over. Such is the pre-teen stage, you never know what you're gonna get. She is testing the waters of limitation as kids do. We try to calm her down as best we can and though we know this something she has to go through like all other children it is a little bit different with an adopted child, it is more. All the usual challenges are multiplied by a lot. Some days she is really trying to deal with it and other days she lets go  and come what may. We celebrated the birthday on the weekend at a video games place. We had a party and cake and then it was on to the games which the kids enjoyed. I hung out with the littlest one who is still too little to play but he had a good time just scoping out the room. One day soon he will get to play.  Maya wanted to get pierced ears very much so that is what she got, among other things like clothes of course.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Happy 25th Birthday

It was a birthday for our girl Kristina who just turned 25  on Jan 25th. We started the celebration on the weekend, to this week and to go on Saturday as well. We are having fun together so that's ok. Hopefully we won't be eating more cake because we had some already. Wishing you a great birthday again and hopefully the year ahead will bring many surprises your way. Love you, Krissy.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

January Blues

I'm having the January Blues feeling sorry for myself when I know everyone else is in the same shoes. With all the illnesses, snow and freezing temperatures going around I am missing spring and summer already. It's only January and there's still plenty more of the above to come. Just getting over some bug and thinking positively that better days will come.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

B & W

Just love these black and white pics of Brandoman. He is such an action character. You gotta follow him around and snap it quick or all you get is just a blurr. In the world of beautiful and extreme color it is hard to remember sometimes to see it again in black and white but I try as much as I can to return to simplicity that is black and white. These are from 2012.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Wanted to post this cute photo of Maya from somewhere in the beginning of our life together as her hair is still short. Soon there will be braces on those teeth. She actually wants brace because her friends have it but she has no idea that they are not the most comfortable things to have in your mouth. She will soon enough. We started the appointments for impressions today.  I know with that awesome smile she'll still be cute either way.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Here is to 2017

I've totally neglected my blog. Just realized I'd never made even one entry for the month of December but the holidays were great. Spend Christmas and New Year with family and some friends. All the kids and grandkids got lots of presents. I love seeing their faces light up as they tear that wrapping paper off each box. I made sure I wrapped lots of little things as well as big things. So here is to the New Year hoping it will be extra ordinary.

Here are a few pix from Christmas, will post more later.