Wednesday, 16 April 2014

LOI Approved

A quick post just to let you know that our LOI was approved yesterday. So, now CCCWA is onto our logged in Dossier for assessment and approval. Honestly, I had no idea that we were already DTC and LID. Last agency told me was they were done processing the paperwork I sent them and then soon after we had to change something in our home study and had to wait for approval again so I thought the dossier never went to China yet since we were waiting on another approval BUT dossier did go to China and ...

we were LID on 03/10/14 - fantastic

it's been a month since then and hopefully enough time to be translated and ready for the assessment happening now

in that case we look forward to the Letter Seeking Confirmation soon afterward
then it's just waiting on our Ministry, it's all happening so fast now, finally

in the meantime sending love to our sweet girl waiting in China

Sunday, 13 April 2014

LOI Submitted

Things are moving for a change. We had our official referral or proposal and lo and behold my husband signed the papers. Sure, he had some more questions about the girl but he would not let it hold up the LOI, letter of intent to adopt the child. He was ready and willing to do what's necessary to bring our daughter home. I was too. We listened to the social worker do her presentation, show us her picture and video but all we wanted to do was sign the papers. We did, thank you Lord for this strength and faith. Only with his guidance and provisions were we able to come this far; to almost be done and be blessed with another daughter to make our family a family of six, three daughters and a son.

Let me tell you about watching the video or our precious nine year old daughter. It was incredible to see her animated and smiling. I just wanted to jump inside that video and hug her, squeeze her and hold her close to my heart. She was a good helper to her six year old friend, a little boy she could be particularly close to. Her leaving could potentially be hard on him. I hope he finds a family very soon. He looks like a wonderful little boy. Our social worker is going to ask, seeing our daughter is older, if she can write to us, communicate in some way with us as a part of her pre-adoption preparation. That sounds great to me and a great idea, if we could exchange letters or photos or whatever she wants to. She is at an orphanage in Jiangxi. So, when we travel we will go to Nanchang to meet her. I hope we will be able to go to the orphanage for a visit. That was one of the other questions we had. We will find out if any of it is possible or not hopefully sometimes this week.

Our agency said that our status for the LOI should change in a day or two to Assessing and then in a week or so to Accepted. Please, sweet Jesus, let it be that way. Let these next few steps go quickly. Also this week our LOI will be submitted to our Ministry as well so that both of the approvals may come in at the same time. So once CCCWA gives approval to the LOI they will check on our dossier and if that is approved as well then they will give us a PA - pre approval by sending us an LSC - letter seeking confirmation. We will sign the LSC and return to both of our Ministries and then ... and then at last the very last step, we wait on the TA - travel approval. We will finally get a date when we can travel to China to pick our precious daughter, finalize the adoption and bring her home with us where she belongs.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

We are ""Matched""

Unbelievable. This day has finally come. We've been approved for the higher age and a proposal has come. Our social worker called me today at work to let me know we've been matched with a child, a beautiful nine year old girl from the special needs program. Good thing I could walk to an empty office to take the call as I could hardly contain my excitement. We've worked so hard to be able to help one child and now we will get the chance.

She is from the Jiangxi province. She's a smart little girl who likes singing and dancing. She is in grade four. She likes dressing up and likes to be tidy. Wonderful. She has been interviewed and she wants to be adopted by a foreign family so she could have a bright future. That is great to hear as that was one of the main concerns we had with her being an older child. Though her orphanage set up her documents, who really knows how the child feels. Maybe she doesn't want to leave China but as far as we've been told she longs to have a normal family even if it means going to a foreign land. She is ready for it. My heart breaks for her having to leave her homeland but we will work hard to help her adjust and she can. I know this first hand. I was young when my parents decided to move to Canada and I came here without a word of English. Sure, I was made to feel different at first but I was determined and eager to fit in, to make friends and to progress through school and personal life. I adjusted and I wouldn't change a thing. I'm happy for all the experiences I had, that's made me the person I am today. I still visit and respect my homeland but this has been my home and we will help our daughter do the same. I can't share her picture yet but I will show you a little bit of it.

This Friday our social worker is coming over to officially present the proposal for signing. I think we already have a lot of our questions answered but she will help us with anything else. After signing our Letter of Intent it will go back to the Ministry for an approval yet again for the adoption of this particular little girl. After we've been approved I will include more details about her but then we eagerly anticipate our DTC, dossier to China and the China government PA, pre approval and then God willing we will have TA, travel approval when we will go get our new daughter and give her the life that she wants, with family and a mom and dad who love her. She and every orphan out there deserves that as much as anyone.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

He will hear Him through me

A little move forward and possibly we might have a referral. It is something we have awaited a long time. The Ministry called our social worker for a small revision to the home study change that she put in for us and then they will be done processing it. So we might actually get their approval this week. This is wonderful news. What's even more wonderful our agency received the file they've been waiting for, a file we might see. It would be the best news ever. I never thought we would be this far in the process of adoption as it is due to my reluctant hubby but God has moved a mountain, literally and my hubby is reluctant no more. He is very supportive and looks forward to helping one child into a family. He is helping with her room, he talked to the agency, he has questions he wants to ask at referral time. Amazing. When Anthony of No Greater Joy Dad told me that my hubby will hear God speak like he has to him I thought it would never happen. How would he hear it if he's not open to it, he will hear it through me, he said. And that's exactly what happened. Mind you it was hard, very hard, there were some very trying times but my husband has been taken with the plight of the orphan just like I have and we're in this together all the way.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Where is Spring

It is suppose to be spring but it sure doesn't look like it. Hills of snow are still on the ground like permanent statues that will never go away. A few truly warm days could fix that but it's not yet to be.  Today was a sort of nice day however it will not stay long as they call for some sort of blizzard type weather, either snow or freezing rain overnight. Other places just north of here had bad snow storms this past week and if there is spring in this world it is not here. Those of you who are already enjoying above zero degree temperatures and flowers that bloom consider yourselves lucky to have such blessings.

On the adoption front we are still waiting on the Ministry to give their approval for higher age. I would love to call us committed but even that seems premature. This waiting is super hard. Spring would help out a lot to keep my mind occupied with clean up and gardening but we're stuck in winter mode. We just have to be patient for another few weeks and then I believe it will all come together as it should. I just wish one little girl did not have to wait another minute longer to be with her family but she does and so do we.

Friday, 7 March 2014

One Little Girl's Birthday is Today

It's a special day today. One little girl in China has a birthday today without her family by her side. She may get a cake, she might not. Someone might sing to her the birthday song and then again they might not. Every day a little girl has a birthday in a China orphanage who may not even know that it's her special day. Usually, it's a day like any other; without a celebration, without presents and without birthday cake but every child should have their special day. A day to remember when they came to this earth. Chances are this little girl was very much wanted and very much loved but due to other circumstances her parents could not keep her so they gave her up in hopes of a better future than the one they could give her. That's why other families with resources readily available to them are found and equipped to love the abandoned child. This little girl deserves to be loved, to have a future and a birthday party she will never forget and she shall have it when she joins the family that's meant for her.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Change is In

The change in age range has been written up in a report we had to sign and send back to the social worker.  She also signed it and sent it to the agency.  The agency in turn sent it to the Ministry. Now, again we sit and wait ... wait and wait somewhere between 2 to 6 weeks depending on how busy the Ministry is at this time of year. Let's hope there is a lull in adoption world and the home studies are currently under way, not ready yet for their approval. In that case we'd not be too far in the Q to be reviewed. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this will not be another long and drawn out process.

In the meantime the agency owners are on their way to China on Sunday with a group of adoptive parents where they will finally meet their new daughter or son. I'm sure all of them have been waiting long enough and are ready to meet and love their child. I wish I could say more about our child but mum's the word right now. I cannot say anything yet. I do not want to get my hopes up but God is surely working in that mysterious way we know and love. I did make a family book and I did send it to the agency for our possible child in the future. It is done and waiting. We will see what comes of this but no, unfortunately, we've not been matched. I wish we were but we are not yet. Can anyone read cards or tea leaves and tell me when that will be.

I hope the agency people have a good trip to China and back and will have some good news for us very soon but the best news will be that our change in age range has been approved in a timely manner and we are ready for the next step.

We just updated the flooring in the child's room and painted the walls a soft color which I really like, called vaguely mauve. Now, it's a matter of getting a bed, some furniture, bedding and all that other fun stuff. It's a lot of work but luckily we have help with it and are enjoying the planning that goes with it.

And I love this PJ with "L" for ladybug on it