Saturday, 20 December 2014


Here is our older daughter Kristina. One day I got a few good snaps of her. It's not easy. This girl is always on the go, school, work, romance. I am happy that she is really striving to finish her schooling. She completed her co-op a couple of weeks ago and got good reviews. She also works on the weekends and manages to play a game with Maya and me or put glitter on the Christmas decorations with us. She is such a pretty girl and we're so proud of her for doing so well. And at the bottom is box of pink roses chocolates I got from my mother. Love it.

Friday, 12 December 2014

First Thanksgiving

I have to go back again to document a little about Maya's first Thanksgiving with us back in October. She was quite amused by the whole hoopla over cooking a turkey. The family had got together at our house to celebrate ... well being a family. It is the thing we are most thankful for, to have each other. I'm sure there are many people in the world who for one reason or another find themselves alone but we are lucky enough to have a big family and lots of friends whom we keep in touch with on a regular basis. Sometimes I wish we saw each other more but for the most part no one is alone on Thanksgiving day or hungry. This year was even more special as we add another member to our family and for that we are thankful to be blessed like this at this point of our lives. Now we have four blessings and one super blessing. It was special day indeed.

Thursday, 4 December 2014


Just a few portraits taken a little while ago to make sure Maya has some nice memories of the age she was when she first came to Canada. She is three years younger than I was when I first came to Canada so I can relate how scary things were at first. I was heading into my teenhood and things were quite dramatic. Sometimes I feel like she is heading into teenhood already because each day is so different but for the most part she is still nine and naive to what's waiting for her ahead. She tries very hard and often falls but she picks herself right back up again and continues on.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Fall is Over

I do realize that fall is over but I'm still tracking back the photo to October so here is a start of it. My grandson came over to stir some trouble for grandma and we had a great day playing in the leaves. They almost covered the ground. We don't have much trees, really only one in our front yard and a lilac tree that's really a bush grown tall by the house. Our evergreen was ruined last year in the ice storm. It bent over and never quite recovered and had to be cut down. I hate cutting any trees but it had to be done. We rolled in the leaves and hoped the bees would stay away. Sometimes they could be hiding somewhere to get you when you least expect it.

So here are a few more pics of leaves. Now it's already time for snow and Santa. We've seen Santa a couple of times already and will surely see him couple of times more. It's been cold but not cold enough to complain about. So far so good.

Thursday, 27 November 2014


Just for something a little different because I found this old photo and felt nostalgic. It was taken in the good old 80s, our era of fun, great music and clothes, lol, oh ya and lots of dark hair. That has changed nowadays drastically Then going back even further of me as a baby and where I came from in Croatia. Last pic is of Charlie. He was so cute even then, my lovely husband whom I love very much. It's nice to have these photos to look back on and for our kids to have especially Maya who has so much to catch up on with our family history. We are starting to look at photo albums and she's very interested to see herself in our future family photo albums.


Saturday, 22 November 2014

Blue Skies

A few weeks ago we went apple picking. I know it's kind of late to post this now but there are a few good pics here to remember. I think it was a good day for both Maya and Brandon. We picked lots of apples and had lots of fun, us adults watching the little ones jump around. It was a beautiful day for it too, skies were as blue as can be. Lots of people showed up to enjoy the day too. Maya stuck close by us at all times but sometimes I caught her in moments of blank stares which usually mean she's momentarily overwhelmed but she quickly reverts to that big beautiful smile which is almost like a protective shield for her. I think she just remembers every now and then how her life has changed. So many things are different, even apple picking. It's a simple thing but not sure if she's ever done it in China. She did tell me today that there is a tradition with apples and Christmas and New Year. They eat apples with breakfast, lunch and dinner for good luck. I'll have to do some research on that. As she learns more English she tells me more and more of her life before. She did live with the same foster family for a quite a few years, she was practically adopted but the legal papers were never filed. She'll often tell me how they did things there and I love to hear all of it. We compare some notes. It is nice that she has memories of her life in China, some good, some bad but things that make her who she is and that's a strong little girl who can take care of herself if she has to.


Then we rounded off the day with some more play back at the house. The day seemed to never end. Because it was so beautiful we didn't want to waste a minute of it indoors. We have a roof now over our deck and I love it. We can still enjoy the day even if it rains.