Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Sunset and Sea Organ

I so wish that the figs would be ready already but they are not. It may be another month before they are ready to eat but they are so scrumptious that I wish I could have some now. I remember eating them as a kid right off the tree and it was just so special to me because we didn't have those where we lived in the Northern part of Croatia. 

Visiting some family here near Primosten. It's is very nice here but rocky, so rocky that it looks dangerous but there are people swimming all over and they've made their own walkways and steps out of rocks of whatever else they could just so they can get down to this big beautiful Sea.

The sunset was beautiful, reflecting in the water and coloring the trees and everything around it gold. The sun sets here about 8:45 and takes a while to actually get down and fall seemingly into the Sea which is great because it allows us to enjoy it that much longer. 

We end the day by listening to the Sea Organ in Zadar. It's a medley of sea sounds provided by the huge hollow steps built into the sidewalk and it does make lovely music, night or day.  Also there is the Salute to the Sun, the colorful solar panels that harvest the light during the day and then let go at night to make colorful patterns that flash to set timing.

Next day we set off to see more of the town Biograd Na Moru, just means Biograd at the Sea. It's a very cute town with a strip of restaurants one of which we stopped to have a wonderful lunch and of course we did some shopping. Handmade souvenirs and others are everywhere we go and sometimes we'd just like to buy everything we see but that is just not possible. 

Krissy tries out the very popular Croatian Coffe - Franck Kava.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

On the Way

It was a beautiful early morning when we set out to get on a bus that would take us to the coast of the Adriatic Sea. We would stay in Zadar for a couple of weeks.  We had my husband's ailing mother to visit and as well we would try to get some beach time and sight seeing as often as we could. Zadar is a very popular tourist spot in Dalmatia. The ancient narrow streets are crowded with tourists all day and all night. We're here in peak season but hope to get around as best as we can.

Like many cities in Croatia Zadar is filled with architecture and beautiful art and sculptures all over the place. Every street and corner are filled with something to take in. All the doors and windows are decorated with art of some sort or many flowers.

The famous church and clock in the town Square that we can watch in Canada or anywhere in the world on the Live Cam is a little quiet during the day but is bustling at night.

One of the most famous churches in Zadar and all of Croatia is this round church called St. Donat built in the 9th Century in the Byzantine architecture style.

At last we reach the Adriatic Sea, the source of so much pride for Croatia and what they fought so hard for in the war of 1992. It is spotted with many beautiful islands all down the coast, a couple of which we hope to see.

And let's not omit another pint of the best beer from the North to the South of Croatia.
It will beat the heat anytime and right now it's scorching.