Tuesday, 12 March 2019

The House in Spring

Found this blow up photo of the house in the summer in the office at the house. Obviously it was taken during the spring because there are tulips and other spring flowers. Although snow is fun at times an I know that winter is a part of the four seasons and we must get through it somehow, I am looking forward to spring and all the trees and flowers to awaken. Cannot wait to see the green that will surround us and just the warmth outside will make everything perfect.  There is also a small ceramic replica of the Blair House found on the fireplace mantle. It is so cute and a treasure to have to see the outside of the house inside as well.

This ceramic miniature of the Blair House was created by artist Catherine Karnes Munn. 

Getting Acquainted

Trying to get used to and acquainted with our new home is not an easy feat when there is so much to see and explore. There are many large rooms on the main floor that are very attractive to us after the cramped houses in the city. So much room here, we're loving it. Also lots and lots of light comes inside which is also new for us. Houses in the city are so close together that they block the sun for each other. Our old house only had one window per room and not very big ones either so to have three windows in the living room or what we call the Parlor is wonderful. It makes for a long day especially since there is usually sun from morning until night. We're not used to this much sun so to have sun everyday is a treat for us. The plants here are loving it, I'm sure we will too.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Maya is 14

It's Maya's birthday today. She turns 14 and looks quite grown up from the time she turned 9 in 2014. She was still in China at the time. She came to us in July of that year and has grown so much since then not only physically but also personally and emotionally. She didn't trust anyone at the time and wanted to be very self sufficient in one way and a baby in another. She has worked hard on that and has come a long way. Maya is a smart girl who does well in school and works hard to get good grades and make goals for herself. She is still finding her footing in the family, because of her background that is not easy to do. There are many good days and many different days but most of all Maya knows that she has a family now who is here to stay and that will never change. Keep growing Maya, we love you.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Moving In

Next day after we moved in the tractor trailer came along to try and deliver our belongings but could not make it up the icy drive. Moving in middle of winter is no fun and it was not exactly the way we planned it but here we were trying to get into our new house at the beginning of the year and so we tried to make the best of it. The truck pulled in between two houses at the side of ours and eventually our belongings were unloaded and so began weeks of putting away, finding room for it all in bedrooms without closets and shelves that we're use to. It was a challenge and it is still because we're use to so much, so many things that we truly don't need. I can see this now just in personal care products like shampoo and hair products, creams etc. Do we really need all that? Probably not. In 1800s people lived before more simply and yet they survived. They didn't have the half of it and life moved on so let's see if we can try something along the same lines. As I use up the many soaps and creams I have I will try to replace one maybe two and see if I can indeed live without the extras I'm use to.

The stunning dining room that is one of the highlights of this wonderful home.

The Yellow Blair House dishes that came with the house.

Tea Anyone

We have a little cubby that was set up for tea long before us. We won't be moving it any time soon. It's conveniently located in the dining room and I love just looking at it. This is actually the second tea cart in the house. We do like tea and coffee but don't usually drink it every day but now it's becoming a habit to sit down for tea or coffee and just enjoy the day a little bit more.
Tea anyone??

Monday, 25 February 2019

Beauty is in the Details

Here are some details of our new house.
This is a pic of the dining room just because it's the most
unique room in the house but there are many unique
details all over, in every corner and wall that is
worth taking a look at. Here are some of 
those details.

This hand lamp had me checking it out more closely. 
There are a pair of them in one of the bedrooms and it's
so unique I'm not sure if I've ever seen it before.
It is very antique and beautiful for sure 
and I'm so happy to have them.

This iron duck is not only charming but also useful
as she is used as a door stopper for the large doors
of each bedroom.

 There are many original windows still standing in this house.
They are rounded at the top which makes this house so
unique and these window latches which don't work
and are mostly broken still add to the character.

Each door has a botanical decoration on it.
This one leads to the apartment which was an 
addition done in the eighties I believe. There are
many twists and turns in this house.

The Blair House brochures. It is time to order
new ones with updated information because the Inn
will be starting up again soon.

There are a number of the claw foot tubs.
They may be old fashioned but they are
beautiful and good for a deep hot soak.

All the doors are large and need a good iron 
doorstopper like this one. These doors are heavy
made of good wood not like the ones 
we usually have nowadays.

It is strange to see the door chain above a blank plate.
The doorknob is down further but this looks like
the doorknob is completely missing.

There are two very antique chairs in the front hall.
They have a very tall and narrow back that is
filled with intricate and beautiful 

Though we'll have to keep pets to the other side of the house
Sabrina is checking out her new surroundings.
They were quite unsure of what was happening
or why they were suddenly in a new place
but I'm sure soon they will be used to it.

Our first supper in our new house. 
It was a long day and we were tired and hungry.
But we were also excited to start the next chapter of our lives.
Sometimes you just don't know where the road is
leading you until you get there.

Monday, 18 February 2019

Blair House

At last we've signed the final papers and we're on our way to our new home. It got very bright and sunny after lunch, we could barely see. As we got back to the house we were so excited to get the key from the real estate lady and unlock our home for the first time. We took pictures in the front of the house and by the front door to keep this memory forever. You can see by the smile on my face that the accomplishment is real and I'm feeling it. The rest of our family will arrive the day after but for now we enter Blair House and roam through it like kids in a candy store. There are so many rooms and corners to discover, with details on every wall and floor. Here are some pictures of these first moments. Here's to hoping many more memories will be made here from here on.