Friday, 17 October 2014

Remembering Angels

Back in September we attended a Remembrance Ceremony for lost infants. I must admit it was not easy. It's been four years since our oldest daughter Sherie and her fiancé John lost their twin boys Liam and Nathan at 22 weeks gestation and we still think about them often. We should've had at least three grandbaby boys by now but it was not meant to be. The twins who started out as triplets but one baby was lost very early on, should've been born in mid 2010 but they came early in April and May. It helps to think and talk about them and to remember them on these special days.

So, a few were gathered at Sunnybrook hospital where baby Nathan spent three days in the NICU unit, tiny and frail he did not make it and his twin brother Liam who was born before him did not even make it that far. We wrote messages on colored paper cut into butterflies and hung them on the a white tree in the Butterfly Garden.

Afterwards our daughter Sherie donated a bundle of tiny Angel Gowns she and others create from donated wedding gowns. Many kind people have joined Forever Loved Angel Gowns which Sherie has started earlier this year and donate their talent, time and needful things to make these gowns for tiny angels who leave do not make it home. Sherie has started this charity in honor of her twins who at the time had nothing to wear. These gowns are donated to the hospitals around Ontario who provide them to the parents who find themselves in similar situations.

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Funny Homework

I like to go exploring in parks and bushes and take lots of pictures but the bushes are not such a great idea for Maya because the mosquito really like her. Mosquitoes hardly ever bother me so for me this is fine. I tried to pull her back but she does like exploring too which is great as long as the mosquito leave her alone. In China I sprayed her a lot and for the most part that worked but I never saw any mosquito there and yet she was always getting bitten. I don't know are mosquito tiny in China. Here you see them coming a mile away.

Not sure why doing homework is so funny or perhaps it's her sister's straight face that's making her crack up. Also maybe it's because she's having to draw her new family whom she's just getting to know. I didn't think we were that funny but you never know what she sees in us.

And here is Mr. B. peeking over his mom's shoulder and having a good time eating a yummy cupcake which he really likes and drinking his Aqua, in other words water. Not sure where he learned to say aqua but it's kind of cute and he loves it.

He also loves his Mama and holds and kisses her hand as he travels across town in his car seat. See those eyes half closed it's his cheeky look usually letting us know he's done something "cheeky" in this case it was just a kiss and oh so passionate.