Tuesday, 16 September 2014

From Preemie to a 3 Year Old

My grandson Brandon has grown so much. He's put on a little weight and has grown inches. He is still as full of energy as ever but he is starting to put it to good use such as going to pre school a couple of times a week and to the library, even though the best part about the library is not reading books but taking them off the shelf. At the park he tries very hard to keep up with Maya and mostly succeeds. He is starting to put words together. My favourite word of his is House, it's very exaggerated Hooouuusse and I love it and I love going back on his photos to see how much he has grown and changed from a tiny Preemie to a strong three year old boy. So proud of him and his parents Sherie and John for doing such a good job with him.

And this year he has grown even more, ready to make sure we know he's around. Of course we wouldn't have it any other way, Brandon. The following photos were taken from January to September, 2014.

Love you Brandon. You just keep on growing beautiful boy.