Friday, 30 September 2016

From Zadar to Zagreb

Maya loved having one adventure after another. Each day was so filled with outings that when we came home in the evening we were so tired we just climbed into bed. On this day we're on our way for a day's boat ride to the Kornati Islands. We would tour the main islands and then visit some as we went along. It was sure a long day and spent most of it on the boat. I was wondering how we would pay for the constant wind in our faces but I think we did ok. It was sure worth chartering a private boat to do this tour of the islands.

We stopped off at the main island on which stood a sole house. They served drinks and snacks. It was a beautiful view though very remote. Not sure what there is to do here all year round but these people lived there and you could tell on their faces. On the other side of the island if you take a walk down past a small campground you come to the most beautiful beach we saw so far. It's called the Luena Beach and it's very private. Only a few families were on it and we settled somewhere in the middle. The water was super clear, warm and bottom was sandy, the beach was pebbles. Soon though more tourists arrived, like a hundred of them off the cruise ship and the privacy ended.

We had lunch at another Island. Lunch was a huge platter of a variety of meat and potatoes. There sure was enough for everyone. It was hot and we were already tired but there was more adventure to be had. We walked a bit and had ice cream at a very crowded little cafe. 

Kristina was lucky enough to be given the job of the Captain of the boat. She loved it and steered for quite some time. I didn't think she was going to let go of it but eventually she relented and sighed a sigh of relief when the Captain took over but she did a good job I must say. She already enjoys fishing and now she enjoys boating, our outdoorsy girl.

This is another day at Kirka Falls. It is always so majestic to see so much power coming down in these falls. Though the rocks can be very slipper and jagged many people can't help but get in the water and take in the sights by being right in it. The rest of us walk on by on foot and try to capture the majestic scene on camera. It was rather crowded right by the falls and the line was moving slowly allowing the hot sun to get us a little and I was feeling like I got a bit of sunstroke later. It was a combination of some bad news we got from Canada and the sun.  Was glad when I started to cool off and feel better as we boarded the bus to take us back to our car. 

July 21 was spent in Zadar, at least the morning of it. This marked the 2nd GOTCHA DAY for Maya. We took her out for breakfast to get some alone time with her. She enjoyed a typical Continental breakfast and her usual chamomile tea.  She has sure grown up a lot in these two years and is becoming a young lady. She always strives to look her best and yes spends a lot of time looking in the mirror so we were glad to take her away from that on this trip to do many other things.

Just touring the city of Zadar. There is always a corner we've not turned yet or a coffee shop we've yet to discover though we never got to all of them or all the attractions the city offers. We never got to cross the bridge that leads to new Zadar, well not so new anymore but it's where the rest of the people of Zadar live.

A rare moment of just staying in. I took advantage of it to get some portraits of the girls relaxing.

And before you know it we're back in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. It was only a few hour ride from Zadar on a great direct highway they have now. There we wanted to visit some of their great malls they have which are all very nice and spacious, well decorated and filled with brand name boutique shops and a ton of shoe stores. Every other store is either a shoe store or an athletics store which leads me to believe that Croatians are very exercise oriented. I'll say not everyone is perfect but obesity does not rule here. Still, loved the malls and so did the girls.

We're back with my mom and dad and eating more Chevapi and onions.

Exploring Zagreb was just as much fun. From using the famous blue streetcars to a downtown where no cars are allowed so you can walk freely around without worrying about traffic jams. They did have more pigeons there which I remember as a child but some are still there waiting on their crumbs and we saw on a couple of occasions people feeding them. 

Here we are entering the Grich Tunnels. Never knew that was there and loved seeing the long halls stretching far and wide. It was so beautifully cool in here, could've spent more time in there.

Stopping at the Museum of Broken Relationships and ending the day with a Selfie.