Saturday, 25 November 2017

Maya's Acting Start

Here is Maya back in May going to her first photo shoot at a college nearby where they set up some students at their desks for an educational pamphlet for the college. Maya did well and the photographer seemed to like her. Next day she went to her first TV show shoot for background work as a neighborhood kid running across the yard with some other kids. This was for a TV show starring Jason Priestly called Private Eyes 2. This was an all day event and Maya did good as well. It was a hot and sunny day, I'll say that but there were no complaints from her.

Maya also appeared in her first big school play they called the Seaussical in which she danced away in a number of songs. She seemed excited about the whole thing and faithfully attended all the rehearsals after school.  She did great. 

 And after all that a few weeks later it was time to pick up her first check for her college photo shoot. She was all smiles about that even though the money went directly into her bank account.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Liam & Nathan

Remembering our twins earlier this year and every day after that. All the thoughts of what could've been just won't come true but thankful for the two beautiful grandsons we do have.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Warm Day

Just a little play in the park, the slides and the swing. The playground is always fun for everyone. Love seeing the boys so active and happy. This day on Easter was unusually warm and we took advantage of it to get outside for a nice walk and of course the playground near great grandparent's house. The little one found himself a stick but unfortunately it poked him on the cheek and that was the end of the stick.

Maya has to keep up the fashion at all times. The yellow dress fit the occasion though.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Back in April

Coloring eggs for Easter is something Maya has come to enjoy. She didn't do any of this before. She likes to crack eggs, eat the food, get some Easter bunny treats, church and most of all the family get together where she catches up with grandma and grandpa and other family who happen to come by for a visit.

It was a gorgeous day, warm and sunny and we also made sure to enjoy the outside.

The food at grandma's is always good. Traditionally meat, eggs and green onions are served along with some salads and bread.

Grandma makes very special colored eggs that she does with parsley leaves and onion color.  They always look great.

Dad and mom are looking good. They don't change much, maybe even looking younger at times. Here is Krissy with grandma Josephine and below is one of my fave pics of my daughters Sherie and Krissy along with their significant others.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

This and That

Maya continues to learn sewing so she can do her own fashion designs. She definitely has some specific ideas about what she wants to wear. She especially loves polka dots and so the first skirt she ever made reflects her style and with Maya every day is a dress up day. 

Jax is having fun playing and laughing up a storm with his grandpa Charlie. The little one has a good sense of humor and his happiness radiates through him.

Maya likes to make sure her nephews are having fun.

Brandon loves his superheroes and dresses up anytime he can and why not? When you're a kid you can do these things anytime and look good doing it.

And so may the force be with you.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Robin's Egg Blue

Earlier this year at end of April we had a Robin's nest on our mailbox by the door. We had no idea why a bird would make a next so close to our door where everyday people walk in and out. It's such a busy area and I'm sure the bird needs a little more privacy to lay her eggs but we were very excited to see little baby birds hatch and grow. We were hoping for the best. Eventually after one egg was found broken on the ground the mama bird laid three more eggs. She laid on them for a couple of days, watching us as we watched her through the window. The eggs were the most beautiful blue color I'd ever seen and they were so tiny and perfect.

However one day we noticed the mama bird did not come to lay on nest and when we looked the eggs were all gone. There was no trace of them. We don't know what happened to them, if kids got them or another bird carried them away but they were gone. Needless to say we were very disappointed that we would not see baby birds by our door this year. I felt really bad for the mama not having her babies but maybe next year.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Missing Pieces

Look like I've forgotten about my blog for a while. I've been on vacation most of July and then life just happens and there is no time for blogging. Lots to catch up on but even that is easier said then done. Sometimes I feel I should just continue in the present but then I think about all those memories in the past that I don't want to forget. In case I ever want to publish my blog I don't want so many missing pieces. For now I will post a few photos and try very hard to update more often. Let me just say that my trip to Croatia was good. It was still work to settle some of my husband's folks things but we tried to fit in some down time and fun at the beach and exploring more places we've not yet been to. Seeing some of our family is also a highlight at any time that is for sure..

Love these little guys but they are growing up much too quickly for my liking.

And this is what happens when one doesn't get his way. It is sob time right down on the floor and what can we do but let him have his way.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Three Littles

These three like to get together and cause some havoc. They are fun to watch most of the time. Sometimes there are squabbles and some whining but for the most part they all play well together however Maya is starting to grow up and have her own friends. She is being a good auntie and looks after the little ones well but she has more of her own interests now. She loves learning to sew so she can design and make her own clothes.  She has certain ideas about clothes that is for sure. She also loves to cook and helps out any chance she gets. She loves trying out new recipes  and especially loves soup. If every meal including breakfast was a soup that would be fine with her. Brandon has his little friends and loves to run around out in the park and go for a swim. At home watching cartoons on youtube is where you'll find him or watching funny kids movie. He also likes to help his parents make supper. The littlest one, Jaxon is starting to understand now that his actions causes a reaction in others. Sometimes he'll pretend to be real mad just to flash us a great big smile and watch everyone around him chuckle. I didn't know a two year old can fake being mad but  it appears they can. Jaxon also loves to figure out how things work and if there is something with a cover on it he will work at it until he figures out how to get it off and back on. So, these are our three littles.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Elvis Night

There is a restaurant nearby our house that we frequent every now and then and I always wanted to sit in this wonderful Elvis booth that is filled with Elvis memorabilia. It is a very good collection and I was happy to sit for a while with the King himself. I have a small Elvis collection but not quite as fine as this one. It was a lovely evening; One Night with You.