Saturday, 25 November 2017

Maya's Acting Start

Here is Maya back in May going to her first photo shoot at a college nearby where they set up some students at their desks for an educational pamphlet for the college. Maya did well and the photographer seemed to like her. Next day she went to her first TV show shoot for background work as a neighborhood kid running across the yard with some other kids. This was for a TV show starring Jason Priestly called Private Eyes 2. This was an all day event and Maya did good as well. It was a hot and sunny day, I'll say that but there were no complaints from her.

Maya also appeared in her first big school play they called the Seaussical in which she danced away in a number of songs. She seemed excited about the whole thing and faithfully attended all the rehearsals after school.  She did great. 

 And after all that a few weeks later it was time to pick up her first check for her college photo shoot. She was all smiles about that even though the money went directly into her bank account.

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