Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Enjoying Christmas Eve 2017

The snow fell hard, it was beautifully white everywhere. The trees were magical. We joined a nice party at our daughter's Sherie's place. She put out the spread of food, the place was nicely decorated, of course it has been decorated for months beforehand. Sherie just likes to have a festive mood all the time. It's just her thing. That evening there were a few quite a few kids there and they all opened some presents. It was fun to watch, especially our little ones, our grandsons, Brandon and Jaxon and our Maya. Everyone had something to open but what was most important was that our family and friends spent the night together. Of course this is only some of the family and we'll see more or them on Christmas Day.

My husband's traditional Muscle Soup

Buddy is missing his brother Junior this Christmas and so are we.

For the little ones it was all about when will we open the presents and finally they did.

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