Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Christmas Memories

I know , it's been a long time but I wanted to add more photos from Christmas of 2017 just for the record in case I ever print this in a book one day which could happen since I like my photo books too which reminds me I've not done one in a long time either so hopefully soon.

Just check out how Christmas day started out. It was a full on snow storm and we didn't think we were getting out of the house at all but eventually it did clear out and people gathered and we still had a great day opening presents, having fun and being together.

these beautiful and tasty cookies are mom's cookies, wish Christmas was all year round so she could make these more often, so yummy

it's amazing that half the kids now have their own kids

a stew is cooking in our new crockpot

one of my beautiful daughters

and so another new years has been rung in

happy 2018

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