Tuesday, 10 April 2018

April 2017 Catch up

So continuing last year, yes I'm that far behind but I'm determined to catch up and one day soon I'll be blogging in current time. Last year we were lucky enough to witness a mama Robin lay a few eggs on our mailbox, there were three eggs of the most beautiful color in the nest that remained but soon they too just disappeared, so sad

Maya getting her first check for a photo shoot
all smiles about that

our Junior while he was still with us, here needing a haircut
but we treasure every photo of him now

the cute smile of Jaxon Charlie
and below trying to order at McDado's

Maya likes to do some baking somtimes
and muffins are good anytime

handsome Mr, Brandoman
and a bath for Jax before a sleepover at Baka and Deda's

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