Monday, 6 March 2017

Another birthday

This one is a 12th birthday for Maya. Sometimes we're not sure what age she is as at times she acts much younger and then much older . She tries to act all grown up and then her silly side wins over. Such is the pre-teen stage, you never know what you're gonna get. She is testing the waters of limitation as kids do. We try to calm her down as best we can and though we know this something she has to go through like all other children it is a little bit different with an adopted child, it is more. All the usual challenges are multiplied by a lot. Some days she is really trying to deal with it and other days she lets go  and come what may. We celebrated the birthday on the weekend at a video games place. We had a party and cake and then it was on to the games which the kids enjoyed. I hung out with the littlest one who is still too little to play but he had a good time just scoping out the room. One day soon he will get to play.  Maya wanted to get pierced ears very much so that is what she got, among other things like clothes of course.