Monday, 5 April 2021

Cool Haircut

 Here is a peace sign for you from Maya before we get ready to have a good meal and next day it was haircut time for Brandon. Isn't he handsome? It was a super cool haircut too and he was very patient until the hair was just right. Below is another great picture I love. 

Different Views

 Sometimes different views, other than nature are also beautiful. In this case we are travelling down the highway and there is a spread of buildings of of all kinds, side by side, on its own. Among all that is the CN Tower still standing tall and proud and almost peaking into the clouds.  

A Little Fun

 Visiting the Science Center is always fun. There were many different places to go and see. We ran up and down three floors of fun things. The kids especially liked those things they could touch and play with. Even the adults found some cool things like the mirror that makes us look how we see ourselves, haha. 


 Always nice to visit with family and check out how their life is going and what they are up to. Sitting outside and chatting is enjoyable too but I especially like to see what's in the garden and take some photos while I'm at it. This time I also helped myself to some big beautiful blackberries. 

By The Creek

 It was a nice day for a walk by the creek. The coolness and the green shades of leaves on the trees give off a relaxing vibe. Maya took a little stroll on the path while we follow. A walk through nature is sometimes just what we need to make us smile again.