Tuesday, 8 October 2013

This Year

This year is sure moving along. Summer is over and fall is here, soon even old man winter will be knocking at our door. Not looking forward to that, that's for sure. Here I thought we'd be done with our home study this time last year but we are just post home study now. I sent in the signed agency contract and am waiting for the home study to be sent over to the agency. It is so on the line of six months after which point we may need an update visit with the social worker. I hope the Ministry overlooks that a little bit. I was told to fill out the citizenship application and send it in now as it could take up to three months for approval. Really? Three months to process some paperwork. So I filled it out, certified some documents and sent that in. There is a few other things I could do but not much really until our home study is approved by the Ministry then after that some heavy duty funds will be going out. I can't even imagine how some people can do this more than once, I mean this costs some money but how, I ask you, how can you put a price on a child's life? Of course, you can't. I just wish it didn't cost so much to help a child.

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