Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Photos

More Christmas photos are in order from Christmas Eve. There have been many celebration stations such as at our daughter's Sherie's place, our place, at grandma's place, aunt's and friend's place. It's been a busy time of the year with lots of love, food, good will and presents. Maya and her nephew Brandon were showered with gifts and attention.

As we know in China they don't celebrate Christmas as much as New Year's which is at end of January first week of February. Even then the presents may be fruit or money. Maya was telling us about New Year's she has experienced and she seemed to have fun even without presents. I know that we spoil the kids sometimes with too many gifts but we want them to have everything they want. We like to make them happy, their little hearts dance. We want to hear them sequels and melt in their smiles. Many kids don't have anyone to wish this for them. No one to give them presents. There are so many kids who get nothing, so many who don't even know what Christmas or New Year's is. For them it's just another day without love.

We are so glad to be able to help one child and so of course we want to give her everything. We know she had a family and she tells us her mother liked high heel shoes so perhaps they were able to afford some presents but this is China we're talking about and most people will hardly be able to afford to put food on the table.

Marry Christmas Maya Lanlan and little Brandon.

Sweet dreams.

More photos to come.

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