Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Special Mom

Backtracking again to a wonderful day when the kids lovely grandma celebrated her seventieth birthday. Let me tell ya she hardly looks it. It was a great day to once again spend it with the family. Our kids, especially the brand new grandchild Maya really enjoys the family get-togethers and thrives on all the conversations. She is quite the social butterfly  and has so much to say.

Maya also loves seeing grandma and grandpa, getting grandpa's hugs and eating grandma's delicious soup. The girl loves her soups. So, their grandma, my mother reached this milestone of seventy and I'm so happy about it as we all are. She has always been a wonderful mother to me and I love her very much. It is always a good time to be in her company. She is a selfless person and helps everyone any way she can.

I think it was partly by they way she and dad raised me that I have a loving husband, a lasting marriage and four beautiful kids, the fourth coming to us late in life but no doubt meant to be.

Wishing mom many more years of love, health and happiness.

Just wanted to share some photos of this fabulous day.

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