Sunday, 8 March 2015

Chinese New Year 2015

Backtracking a little again to the Chinese New Year. We started talking about it and making decorations long before. The Chinese take their New Year seriously and as we know it's more important and more celebrated than Christmas. Maya tells me there are usually small gifts handed out of apples and oranges and money for good luck and a prosperous year.

Well, we were lucky enough to join a group of other adoptive parents from China and celebrate New Year in proper party fashion of Chinese food, family and lots of fun for the kids.  Only a couple of kids actually spoke Chinese as all others were adopted when they were babies but really all spoke English anyway. Maya still wanted to wear another Chinese outfit she got from her sister Sherie who also joined us with her son and fiancé for the fun.

Outside was a serious snow storm going on, one of many this year but inside was warm and cosy. This was our first celebration of Chinese New Year with hopefully more to come.

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