Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Grade 5

Just to take a few minutes to note Maya's first day of school of Grade 5. It was on September 8th this year. It was a very nice day, a bit cool and wet but still nice. Maya had more confidence getting out and starting school again than same time last year. We had no problems breaking it off when ready to go inside, a complete opposite of grade 4, understandably so. Last year she had no friends, knew no one, everything was intimidating but this year she has some friends to come back to, a few of the same kids from last year are in her class this year. She has more homework this year, real homework. As her English improves she is able to join the kids in most everything they are doing, which takes away the boredom. Mind you she still has a lot to learn. She speaks a lot of the simple language and now time comes to introduce the bigger and harder words and ideas but it will come all in good time. We'll keep working at it Maya Lanlan. You're a very smart girl and I know you can do it.

And it was my birthday too, so two things going on today making it a full day. After school we went out for supper to celebrate both. It was a good time with family and especially with a new daughter to love.

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