Monday, 6 June 2016

Wounds Run Deep

Sometimes when I watch Maya with her younger nephew Jaxon, holding him, cradling him in her arms and playing with him gently I wonder if he reminds her of herself when she was this young and didn't have the love that he has been shown. I wonder if she holds him extra close or plays with him a minute longer because she wishes she could remember her birth parents playing with her. Maya is well aware she was abandoned by the side of the road when she was in infant and doesn't like it. This is not what you do with a baby. You need to love it and protect it, nurture it. This is why when I see her with the little one it just makes me feel that she is cradling herself, cherishing herself like she should've been cherished all those years ago. We don't know why she was abandoned as she seemed to have been a healthy baby girl, I try to explain many reasons.  I try to hold her when she lets me but it's not always easy, wounds run deep and it will take time to heal and time we have.

this photo in particular may have been how her mother may have looked holding her 

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