Sunday, 16 October 2016

On The Go

We didn't sit still for too long so we were off again to do some paperwork in center of town as well as to show the girls some more sights, including yet another museum. The center is always busy but interesting with many things to see and do. It's just great walking around without the traffic jams is wonderful and different from what we're used to at home.

Here we are visiting the Museum of Torture. Back in the day Zagreb was a hot bed for witches. So the legends go about looking for witches and doing away with them through torture.

Through much of Zagreb are these trees filled with these prickly chestnut trees. I remember as a child going up the mountain, Sljeme, picking these in the fall and getting the yummy chestnuts out to be cooked in water or over fire.

Maya is a Rooster in the Chinese Zodiac and this giant rooster in the middle of Zagreb was quite cute and interesting.  Also the painting of the Wolves was befitting because the first part of our last name means Wolf. 

We were going to go to the Zoo but when we got there it was such a long walk just to get to the ticket booth and it was hot . So we just walked a bit to see the greenery which was beautiful and cool. Loved waking in it however we had to get back to the center to do more paperwork and take in lunch.

Along the way we also visited the Zagreb Cathedral to look it over inside and out. It is so intricately done as most churches are in Croatia and all of Europe. The Cathedral is ancient and is getting an overhaul for the last few years.

Maya just polished off another Burek, she loves the meat kind, I love cheese and spinach. You can find it on every street corner. It's light pastry with some kind of filling in it.

Love this picture of mom relaxing in her living room. A rare moment she is sitting down because usually she is cleaning the house which to me is already spotless.

My mom and dad above, together for 56 years and my 81 year old aunt with a good friend.
Love is everywhere.

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