Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Maya Lanlan's Fashions

Maya is quite into her fashion. She is very conscientious about what she wears and how it goes together. Everything must match in some way and if it doesn't she is not a happy girl. She is a girly girl and loves her skirts and dresses however she is still learning common sense in fashion and what is appropriate for what occasion. She is getting better at that and more flexible and with Canadian weather you sure have to be flexible. Not every day is a dress day, not if you don't want to freeze your petunias off.

Anyway Maya wants to be a fashion designer among other things so she is having sewing lessons and is doing good with it. She is interested to learn it and I'm happy about it. Here she has created a beautiful dress for her doll with lots of bow embellishments. Also she has sewn a pretty shirt for a toddler girl and her first polka dot skirt. Well on her way.

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