Saturday, 18 January 2014

Immigration, Ladybugs and PKU

I've checked into how our Immigration application is doing.  It was received at the Immigration office on Oct 10th of last year and I was sent a letter saying the estimated time it would take to process it was 14 weeks. 14. Wow, I had no idea those things take that long. I just checked online yesterday and they started to process our application on Jan. 8th. Well, that's not so bad, only question is how long does it take to actually process it. I'm hoping the longest part is the waiting in line to get processed. I'm thinking we need this approval too before our dossier can go to China so that's another hoop to jump through in order to finally be LID. At first, I had no idea what these abbreviations meant but one learns as they go along.

Another thing is there was another ladybug in the house found by none other than my husband this time. It was a little tiny one like it might be a baby of the one from before. I hope that means more luck for us. I also wanted to mention that I keep hearing the wait to adopt a little girl from China is getting very long. It's at least a year if not two, three, five and eight. Someone waited eight years for a referral of a female child. That's  long time. That's the time we don't have. When we were doing the home study we were asked to be very specific and and we put down a female child but now I'm thinking that really should've said a child. Also, I suppose because I've been supporting one child, named Leah, for a year and she had PKU, I learned a lot about it and now find myself looking for a girl with PKU. I feel like if we could get to this child early in her life we could manage her special diet. I hear it's very expensive but we would do our best.  We put that on our home study. Actually, when we received our Letter of Approval from the Ministry they misspelled PKU - they put PKY - I right away pointed that out to our agency and at first she said that it wouldn't matter because the chances of finding a child with PKU are very slim to none. They checked back and don't show that they've ever matched a child with PKU.  Well, there is a little boy, cute as a button. Now, I'm stuck. Do we wait for a little girl who may not come before we age out of the program or do we go forward to try for this little boy? He is with another agency right now and we'd have to see if and how this could happen.

This would be one of those times I'd be looking for a sign from above. What do we do? Do we wait and wait and wait? For this little boy there is no waiting. Although the orphanage is apparently providing the special diet for him, how long would this last, what about the blood tests, what about the protein formula? We would have to get to him as soon as possible to make sure that he is getting what he needs before it is too late, before too much protein stunts his brain and changes his life forever.

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