Friday, 7 February 2014

Immigration Nation

We are going to raise our age range. I'm hoping to make it between 3 and 10. I spoke to our social worker and she doesn't feel that should be a problem. We have made an appointment with her on Feb. 25th ** this has been moved up to Feb. 12th ** to sign the Referral correction or some such page that she will then send to the Ministry and then we have to wait again for them to say ok. Hopefully this can go through smoothly and then we'll have a better chance at being matched sooner. Unfortunately, we don't have two, three or five years to wait like some people. We're either able to help a child now or it probably won't happen so we will take whatever opportunity we can to be matched sooner.

Today our immigration form Part 1 came in, processed. There is a letter of explanation and a form that tells us what we need to do next with Part 2. This is basically done when we know who our child is and she has a name. A part of it is sent to China government and a part is sent to our government and then the citizenship is granted. This needs to happen in next two years. So as far as I understand it's not granted yet but the first part, confirming at least one parent is a Canadian citizen has been done, so happy about that; another step accomplished.

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