Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Adoption: a Slow Moving Train

We kept our appointment last week and saw the social worker for the recommendation change. It was a two hour interview just to make sure we know what we're in for, well yes, we know we've gone through the teen years three times but I realize there will be angst on top of the usual angst about the matter of belonging. We will try our hardest to understand, be patient and provide the child with all the resources necessary so she can feel safe, learn to trust and love us and eventually feel some sense of belonging. I've had to provide a written report of these resources as well as the cultural resources and I've found quite a few in immediate area and there are more nearby so it should not be a problem to provide the child with some experiences she is used to. Last weekend for Family Day we made a Chinese dinner, made spring rolls for the first time and they were delicious, all gone, even though I think I cooked them at the end just a little longer than I should've but still very edible. Hubby also made Chinese rice which he's been making lately for some reason. So, that went over well, mind you I did not try the chop sticks yet, next time. We've also started on creating the child's room with a new floor and paint and that's coming along well. We're trying to keep it neutral or as much as can be without everything being beige so when he child is here she can also add some of her own touches of her choosing. It will be wonderful to learn what her likes and dislikes are as her personality comes out. I hope she will let us in one day on what her life was like before us and what she hopes for in the future. I can't wait for that moment to start. I was thinking adoption is like a slow moving train, it keeps going a long time but eventually it gets there.

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