Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Change is In

The change in age range has been written up in a report we had to sign and send back to the social worker.  She also signed it and sent it to the agency.  The agency in turn sent it to the Ministry. Now, again we sit and wait ... wait and wait somewhere between 2 to 6 weeks depending on how busy the Ministry is at this time of year. Let's hope there is a lull in adoption world and the home studies are currently under way, not ready yet for their approval. In that case we'd not be too far in the Q to be reviewed. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this will not be another long and drawn out process.

In the meantime the agency owners are on their way to China on Sunday with a group of adoptive parents where they will finally meet their new daughter or son. I'm sure all of them have been waiting long enough and are ready to meet and love their child. I wish I could say more about our child but mum's the word right now. I cannot say anything yet. I do not want to get my hopes up but God is surely working in that mysterious way we know and love. I did make a family book and I did send it to the agency for our possible child in the future. It is done and waiting. We will see what comes of this but no, unfortunately, we've not been matched. I wish we were but we are not yet. Can anyone read cards or tea leaves and tell me when that will be.

I hope the agency people have a good trip to China and back and will have some good news for us very soon but the best news will be that our change in age range has been approved in a timely manner and we are ready for the next step.

We just updated the flooring in the child's room and painted the walls a soft color which I really like, called vaguely mauve. Now, it's a matter of getting a bed, some furniture, bedding and all that other fun stuff. It's a lot of work but luckily we have help with it and are enjoying the planning that goes with it.

And I love this PJ with "L" for ladybug on it 

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