Friday, 7 March 2014

One Little Girl's Birthday is Today

It's a special day today. One little girl in China has a birthday today without her family by her side. She may get a cake, she might not. Someone might sing to her the birthday song and then again they might not. Every day a little girl has a birthday in a China orphanage who may not even know that it's her special day. Usually, it's a day like any other; without a celebration, without presents and without birthday cake but every child should have their special day. A day to remember when they came to this earth. Chances are this little girl was very much wanted and very much loved but due to other circumstances her parents could not keep her so they gave her up in hopes of a better future than the one they could give her. That's why other families with resources readily available to them are found and equipped to love the abandoned child. This little girl deserves to be loved, to have a future and a birthday party she will never forget and she shall have it when she joins the family that's meant for her.

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