Sunday, 18 May 2014

Out of Translation

Waiting for the last step is soooo hard, especially when we already have plane tickets booked. Yes, the agency had us book the flight for July 19th because the seats were disappearing fast. So we're booked but still waiting for LOA. There was an update last night. If you recall we were LID on March 10th and now we are finally out of translation and in Dept 1. How many departments are there? I do not know. Hopefully only three. In either case our agency asked that they put a rush on it because this is an older child and it's in her best interest to get with her parents as soon as possible, besides she will go to school in September etc. I sure hope someone listened.

As well last night we had dinner with another adoptive family of two little girls from China and we could see how well the second girl has adjusted being home only a year. She speaks English well, she looks happy and secure in her family and home, she's obviously loved. This was an older child adoption as the girl was eight when adopted last year out of the same orphanage our little girl is at, mind you she's in foster care now but these girls were friends and soon will be friends again. They had pictures of our girl and video as she was brought for gotcha day with the little girl being adopted. My heart just went out to her. She was so upset and broken hearted, she cried a lot. She also had beautiful long hair and soon after obviously the orphanage had it cut but she was so sad that her friend was leaving. I just wanted to wrap my arms around her and hold her until she stopped crying. Hopefully soon I can do that and let her know that she will be loved forever.

The family offered to come to the airport with their daughter in case our daughter needs anything urgently translated or just to have her see a familiar face to let her know that it will be ok. That was very generous of them but when they met our daughter I think they were also very taken with her and as they kept up with the orphanage always kept up with what's happening with her though they work with a different agency than ours. They do know other families who used our agency too. There is another family in our city whom we hope to meet, they also have two little girls our daughter's age.

In the meantime last weekend our grandson turned 3, wow a whole big 3. He has grown so much since his NICU days. He was a tiny little thing and now he's a budding little three year old. Love him so much and can't wait to watch him grow and grow into a young man some day. Here he is with his guitar at his party.

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