Monday, 9 June 2014


At long last China says YES. The wait for the LOA has been excruciating. Of all the waiting this one seemed to be the longest, though I'm fully aware that some people have waited even longer. Still, Sunday started off so wonderfully we had to celebrate. I got a cake with our little girl's name on it, some family and friends came over and we had a great day together, just talking about and anticipating the day that she is here.  Everything we've done, all the work we put in the last couple of years has finally come down to this, signing the LOA. We received the LOA or as it's now known Letter Seeking Confirmation yesterday via a PDF file. We promptly signed it and sent it back so the agency can get moving but they will need the original letter signed as well and we should be doing that tomorrow.

Our daughter's name is Maya Lanlan Josephine
Her Chinese name is Lan Lan Rao and she is in the Jiangxi province
She is 9 years old. She is beautiful and we love her so much already and just want to go, get her and bring her home. Here she is, our sweet girl, Maya.

We already have a travel date - we fly July 19th and we receive temporary custody of Maya on July 21st and on the 22nd we finalise the  adoption and than that's it - she is our daughter forever. So looking forward to that moment. We hope that her transition will be a smooth one. Sometimes with the older child it could be even more difficult and we are ready for that to help her the best that we can. She knows about us now and as we are told she is happy to come to Canada with us.  

Here is he listening to a message I wrote for her about the hopes of her being our daughter. So, I am starting to pack. I've shopped for clothes for her and we should be ready to go very soon and I need to thank my husband and my family for being so patient through the whole adoption process. Sometimes it wasn't easy at all but with God's help we somehow made it to this point.  See you soon baby girl.


  1. She is beautiful! Congratulations on your LOA!!!!

  2. Thank you so much. We have TA now too so we are all set and rearing to go.