Saturday, 28 June 2014

T A - we travel July 19th

Our Travel Approval is here and yes we travel to China in only about three weeks. Cannot wait to meet Maya and bring her home. This was the final piece of paper we needed, that everyone needs who will travel to adopt a child in China. Now, I can start counting down the days til we board the plane to Beijing. That will be on Saturday July 19th at 3 pm. We will arrive in Beijing on July 20, meet Maya on July 21st and finalize her adoption on July 22nd. I pray to God all goes well and if the internet will work too I will try to update this blog as we go along.

My sweet and wonderful husband said to me to today with a glint in his eye, honey in three weeks we will have our daughter. Thank you my amazing husband for giving me this opportunity to help a child at a time she needs it. Thank you for accepting her and working so hard to bring her into our arms, for loving her and our children, grandson and me the way that you do. You love us all fiercely and I love you back for it ten fold.

Soon sweet girl you will be home and know a family like you've never known before, who loves you unconditionally and will never forsake you. Soon you will be home where you belong.

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