Saturday, 22 November 2014

Blue Skies

A few weeks ago we went apple picking. I know it's kind of late to post this now but there are a few good pics here to remember. I think it was a good day for both Maya and Brandon. We picked lots of apples and had lots of fun, us adults watching the little ones jump around. It was a beautiful day for it too, skies were as blue as can be. Lots of people showed up to enjoy the day too. Maya stuck close by us at all times but sometimes I caught her in moments of blank stares which usually mean she's momentarily overwhelmed but she quickly reverts to that big beautiful smile which is almost like a protective shield for her. I think she just remembers every now and then how her life has changed. So many things are different, even apple picking. It's a simple thing but not sure if she's ever done it in China. She did tell me today that there is a tradition with apples and Christmas and New Year. They eat apples with breakfast, lunch and dinner for good luck. I'll have to do some research on that. As she learns more English she tells me more and more of her life before. She did live with the same foster family for a quite a few years, she was practically adopted but the legal papers were never filed. She'll often tell me how they did things there and I love to hear all of it. We compare some notes. It is nice that she has memories of her life in China, some good, some bad but things that make her who she is and that's a strong little girl who can take care of herself if she has to.


Then we rounded off the day with some more play back at the house. The day seemed to never end. Because it was so beautiful we didn't want to waste a minute of it indoors. We have a roof now over our deck and I love it. We can still enjoy the day even if it rains.

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