Wednesday, 12 November 2014

First Open House

Going back a little to the beginning of October I wanted to document Maya's first school open house on Oct. 2nd. It was only a month into school but she'd made a couple of friends already and loved chatting with them what she could. She also enjoyed their younger siblings. She showed us around the school and in her classroom. At that point she was still getting quite frustrated every day with whatever task she had or getting bored easily as soon as it was something she didn't understand or felt she didn't have to do. There are many things she feels she doesn't have to do but is slowly understanding that if she chooses not to do her work she might stay in grade four another year and that's a no-no. She is looking forward to moving onto grade five as soon as possible which is a good thing.

Maya seems to have seen one of her friends and their baby brother so here goes the attention elsewhere

and here is Brandon giving me lots of cute faces over the phone, can't help but snap a few pics as we are having a very serious conversation

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