Wednesday, 6 May 2015

February Catch Up

Here are some photos that are still sitting on my computer from February. I will go through each month to post some things I've missed. Time just rans away on me at times and I just don't get to post as much as I would like to. Let me mention that Maya was afraid of dogs when she first came to us but she has quickly warmed up to Buddy and Junior. I saw her with a puppy in a cage in China, that may be the extent of her experience with dogs. At first she was terrified to hold them or the dogs coming near her or even barking but slowly she did start to touch them more and more. She fed them and gave them water. I think the dogs sensed her fear and often just sat beside her watching her. Now, she loves them and Junior, the black one above, has taken a special liking to her and runs into her room excitedly each morning to wake her up for school.

Brandon has his own dog at home named Sabrina but he also loves Buddy and Junior. Buddy, pictures here is a little lighter and easier to carry around but he's also good for watching TV and just plain cuddling. Brandon has also learned to use the phone and will phone mom and dad if he is over at grandma's for a sleepover. He knows how to get his games up and running and of course how to get to Youtube so we have to keep a good eye on him to make sure he's not watching any kind of smut but he does like his Kinder Surprise opening videos, cars and Donald Duck.

And here is our pregnant daughter, Sherie. We have been praying that this pregnancy did not end early and that she would come to term with our second grandson. We await his arrival which now should be in only a couple of weeks. Our Brandon is so excited to meet his baby brother. He talks about his "baby brother" all the time. Can't wait to see them together. I think it's time Brandon has some company in playing with cars and watches his shows with him.

And our third daughter. Yes, we have three daughters. I'm still amazed to be able to say that. They are all beautiful and special in their own way. Kristina recently finished another year of college and has a bright future in front of her and is still finding herself as to where in life she wants to go but wherever it is I'm sure she'll be successful no matter what she does.

And again Maya was helping big sis Sherie with tracing some patterns for some baby angel gowns. She is very good at helping out and as soon as she sees someone is perhaps struggling with what they are doing she will be right there for you. She often helps out Brandon however more and more he thinks he doesn't need any help as he can do it all himself. But that hard work can often tire a little boy out and and he must get his nap. Here he is being carefully watched by his best friend Sabrina and by daddy of course.

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