Saturday, 9 May 2015

Smiles All Around

Here are some lovely smiles for you today and this little boy has plenty of them. He is anticipating his baby brother any day now but first he'll be celebrating his 4th birthday. Can hardly believe he's got this big already. Where does the time fly ?

Above is the baby brother that is being cooked up now and will be joining us very shortly. It has been a good pregnancy and we hope for a great birth so we can welcome our new family member into the world.

Maya has been busy with artwork and doing this painting that is rather lovely. We will be doing more in the future but we have many other things on the go like the many cards we make for the many birthdays we have in our family. Never a dull moment. There's always a birthday or some other celebration to be had. 



Visiting grandma and grandpa and playing with some dolls there that mom made dresses for years ago. Finally someone is here to play with them again. They were named after Maya's favorite princesses right away. Maya got a nice selfie with grandpa but mom was probably busy cooking up soup that Maya loves.

And one more sheepish smile for you from Brandon.

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