Friday, 5 June 2015

Big Brother Little Brother

It is interesting to watch a new sibling come into the family and see how the older sibling reacts.  In this case Brandon at first seemed happy about getting a baby brother but somewhere along the way he changed his mind and decided he didn't like baby brother. Maybe it was when we mentioned that he would have someone to share his toys with for play and watch shows together, After all he had all the toys and shows to himself for four years, he just turned four this month, about two weeks before baby brother came into the world. At first Brandon would have nothing to do with his baby brother Jaxon. He barely gave him a passing glance on his first night but the next day there were a few more curious glances at this tiny creature who was garnering attention from everyone in the room especially Mommy and Daddy.

So first before taking Brandon to bond with his baby Bro Jax I took him to the park to feed some ducks and use the playground just to spend some time the way it used to be. I still kept mentioning how we would go see Jax soon. By the way he liked feeding the ducks until they started hissing as they scrambled between each other then it was time to go to the playground, me no like ducks, he said and off we went. On the way there were baby ducks and those were ok.

Maya took to Jax right away I think feeling even more a part of the family as she watches another child being welcomed so warmly so she had no problem holding or kissing her new nephew.  She is quite amused at her status of Aunty Maya to not one but two little nephews. I bet she didn't count on that when she first heard she was being adopted but I'm happy for her that she will have a big family to love her.

I was just holding my new little bundle of joy when he suddenly lifted his head and wanted to see who was holding him so tightly. He certainly knew Mommy voice very well, probably Daddy and brother's too but did he know my voice? Not sure but still that's one strong little baby.

The little cutie pie tried to keep his eyes open but not always succeeding.

It was time for a heel prick and a blood test before leaving the hospital. The test was all ok but Jax started whaling hard. I was able to clam him down a little but it was mom's voice that made the sad little sobs go away.

He did start to warm to his baby brother eventually but we did have to bribe him with candy to give him a kiss but hey it worked and maybe he saw that it wasn't so bad. I guess we'll just have to be patient with Brandon while he accepts his baby brother in his time and on his terms.

What a perfect little bundle.

And so the very next day after his birth baby Jaxon and his parents are ready to leave the hospital and come home where all the family is waiting. He was as quiet as a mouse since he'd just been fed. Brandon allowed himself short peeks at this brother even though he didn't want to admit it.

Happy second day of your life Jaxon !!
You're coming home.

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