Thursday, 13 August 2015

From Youngest to Oldest

Here is our littlest one who is growing like a weed. He is so chunky already. Love it that he is starting to notice us and has moments when he is paying attention well and is even starting to smile. Will have to post a couple of pix of his cute smile soon too. He is almost three months now and we can't imagine him not being here. It's really something how a baby can grow on you so quickly, become a part of the family like they'd always been here. 

Next littlest is also growing and is becoming quite a handsome young man. He will be starting school in September, full time too. There go his days of careless play and fun though I'm sure he'll still get plenty of it at school just different kind. The two brothers are starting to bond more. The littlest one is noticing his big brother coming around and looks for him around the room. Soon they will have some fun of their own. 

Here is one smile, oh so precious, can't get enough of it. They're coming over for the weekend so I'll have get my fill of the both of them.  Also here is the middle one. She celebrated her first Gotcha Day as well as her first year home on July 31st. It's a special day indeed when she arrived to this new country she would call home. 

Grandpa gets time to hold the then two month old grandson. He was a little nervous in the beginning and didn't hold him too often but now he has more confidence that is until it comes time for a change of diaper then it's grandma's turn but grandma doesn't mind. 

How can you not fall in love with this little hunka munka???

And two of our elders when I can get them on camera which is not often. They are busy with work, dates and having lots of fun while they can get it. Soon school starts again for them too and then hopefully soon they will be in the working fields for good. Time for real life kiddos.

And the mama and daddy of the two littlest ones.

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