Monday, 28 December 2015

Catch Up

I keep meaning to keep up with the blog, blogging a number of times a month, every month but sometimes life gets in the way. No idea how some people manage the time and something to say every day. Every day is not going to happen but at least if I can catch up for this year I'd be happy.

Our life with Maya is interesting, happy, sad, and all over the place at times. The second half of the year has gone much better. Grade five is more productive. There are still times as we found out she decides not to co-operate but it's better again after another talk. She has more friends and gets along with the rest of us. Brandon too has learned to get along with his aunt Maya better and the two can play in a more structural manner as oppose to only running around.

Somewhere in between Thanksgiving and Halloween we had a visit from a few members of the CCCWA. It appears they were in Canada for vacation and the agency was showing them around and had asked if we would allow them to come to our home as an example to where an adoptive child lives. It was somewhat unnerving but I think we did ok. They came over, stayed a while, looked at Maya's room and her adoption book and then we went out to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. Maya received presents from each of them and she was good with that.

In November we went to our first Tree Lighting Ceremony, following that was the first time Maya went to a Santa Clause Parade. She liked it, even though it was pretty cold and there was some wait time in between floats at the Parade. The tree lighting was a bit more fun because we got to walk around there were games and roasting marshmallows.  Brandon had his first school play. Wish we were there for that but we did get a video and pictures. It is so precious of course, a child's first school play, the first time they are doing something more important without their parents right by their side. He did great.


Mom's Birthday


Mom & Dad are happy having all the younger ones


Brandon & Jaxon in the same hamburger costume

Our only son, Steve all dressed to impress his girlfriend

The Parade

Brandon with his aunt Maya or as he calls her Teta Maya

Jaxon has a sleepover at our place

Maya buying fabric for the first time to try her hand at making a dress. As we know she wants to be a movie star and a fashion designer. She took a while to chose the material. The girl knows what she likes. It has to be soft and comfortable on the skin.

Brandon's first School Play at Christmas. He actually did sing, did his hand motions and stayed put. Many times these little ones just like to goof around and not really do any singing so he did good.

Maya decorating the 2015 Christmas tree. She and her sister Krissy did the whole thing with just a little help from me but I was happy to let them have their fun. Though Maya would like to put on every single ornament we own if I didn't stop her. I like to use some one year and then different ones next year and so on. Still they did a great job. Krissy was wearing a comfy bathrobe so I left her out of the pictures.

I think we can now safely move onto more of the Holiday Season.
Hope you're having a good one.

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