Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Changes

Happy New Year !! Let's hope it will be a good one all around. I have to tell you it has not been the greatest start, various illnesses in the family, the usual things that winter brings but we're starting to get out of it. I've not gone through all the Christmas photos yet. There are lots but wanted to share some of the changes with the kids from 2014 to 2015. Maya has changed so much. She has grown a lot physically and emotionally. She is still a typical ten year old however the five your old in her has toned down a bit. As it is with adoption the child's emotional age gets pushed back a little. We are still working on that to bring her to her current age but for the most part she is there. She is becoming a young pre-teen. We've let the hair grow long as this was a big sore spot for her. She'd once had long hair but when she was returned to the orphanage it was cut off and that did not sit well with her and since her nutrition wasn't the greatest it was not very healthy or shiny looking when we first got her, now it is, long, shiny and luxurious. My grandson Brandon too has changed and matured though he's still a toddler. He's just less round in the face, less baby like but still very handsome. And then there is the baby grandson who in 2014 was just a little peanut on the ultrasound and this Christmas he was with us trying to open his first present. He was not too interested just yet but give him another year and he'll be making a list for Santa like the others.

Here is Maya in the same dress but looking so different.

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