Thursday, 25 February 2016

Forever Loved Angel Gowns

Just wanted to make a short post about the project the Baby Mama below had started in 2014. It's a very special project that has gotten much bigger than we ever thought  it would. You see in 2010 Sherie and John lost twin boys at 22 weeks of gestation. When the tiny babies were born they were swaddled in large towels that left them barely visible at all but there was nothing else for them to wear and there was no time to go shopping during this hard time.

.Sometime later Sherie had seen that someone in the States was making little baby Angel Gowns from donated wedding dresses but no one was doing it where we live in Ontario. So she thought what a wonderful thing it would be to make some Angel Gowns from the couple of wedding dresses people may donate and that's how Forever Loved Angel Gowns was born.

Well, the dresses started pouring in as well as any kind of sewing notions like ribbon and thread which is always needed. It seemed everyone had a heart to help out with this very special purpose. Since then hundreds of dresses have been donated and processed by Sherie, myself, other family members and soon many other volunteers across Ontario.

Wow, what we thought was going to be a small project has gone on for two years and shows no signs of stopping. While the cause of our purpose is sad we find solace in the fact that the precious babies who leave us too soon will be sent off with dignity and respect they deserve and the parents will be helped in a way they may not have even thought of.

So proud of my daughter Sherie and others who give their time and effort for this cause.

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