Thursday, 17 March 2016

A Loss

This year our kids have lost a Grandfather. He was born in 1938 and lived alongside his wife, half his life in Canada and the other half in Croatia. He was a dentist and a popular member of his community. Mario was my husband's father. It is unfortunate that they were not as close as can be. Mario and his wife were not the kind of grandparents who babysat the grand kids. They were professional people and they led busy lives. As the kids grew up they lived an ocean away and we often wondered what they were doing. We heard from them sometimes when they needed something. We will remember Mario's messages he left on our house phone, usually starting his message with a very deep and slow tone, "Charlie this is your faaaathaar." We found it comical and kids often imitated it. I would think it will be something they may always remember. They've been some good times and there've been some bad times with Grandpa and the bad times got us angry and frustrated but I think once someone is gone you try to get past those times and try to think of some good ones. No matter how he led his life a loss is  loss and we will actually miss saying, "What is grandpa up to now?"  May he rest in peace.

with his parents and brother



when we went to Croatia with all our kids

when we visited with Steven

in Canada at Christmas

in Canada

in Croatia with just the two of us

Jan. 11, 2016
in Zadar, Croatia - last photo

1938 - 2016

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