Saturday, 30 April 2016

30 Is A Good Year

Our oldest daughter and first born will soon turn 30.  That's right, our oldest child will be 30 which means what?? It means we're getting old. I don't feel old. By that I mean I'm not ready yet to pack it in. It's not over yet for me. Okay so our oldest is getting on in the years but it's suppose to happen. That's life. She has grown and prospered into a fantastic mother. It's her greatest achievement, well besides that of being born to us in the first place. She came along a couple of years after my husband and I were married, very much planned and very much loved. Her labor was pretty easy and on Friday, May 2, 1986 at 7:48 in the morning Sherie was born. She was 7 lb and a 1/2 oz. Later she was an easy baby to take care of, didn't cry much and was happy playing with her stuffed toys and dolls and we were so happy to have her taking her with us everywhere we went. She was a little lost in her teenage years doing what most teenagers do. We guarded her at that time and looked forward to her moving on from that stage of life and she did. She met a man she fell in love with, John, and they now have two beautiful boys whom they love and adore.

So happy birthday Sherie, 30s can be great. It's what you make it and I'm sure you'll make it the best it can be. Your life with your little family is just beginning. Dad and I and the thole love family loves you very much. We'll always be there for you and and we wish you all the luck in the world.

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