Thursday, 5 May 2016

Maya Turns 11

We must go back a little, back to March, for Maya's second birthday with us. She turned 11. It was amazing that this time has already passed that her first birthday with her forever family was already behind us and here was the second birthday has already come and gone. I did miss posting on this important day because soon after her birthday celebration things went downhill a little. A celebration seems to be a trigger for her which perhaps reminds her how much her life has changed. It has changed immensely that is for sure

So we did bowling with the kids and the older ones enjoyed it too. The littlest bowler Brandon did super good in his group but Maya and I did not win, let's just say that but we had lots of fun. They played some games after that and then we went home for pizza and cake and of course to open presents. Maya was super excited at the time and had a good time with her nephews and friends. Grandma and grandpa were also there.

We just have to keep working at it to make Maya feel secure and at home. There will be many more birthday celebrations to come even if we have to tone it down until she is ready for more. Each year that passes will hopefully help her feel like she belongs and that she is right where she needs to be. She has matured a lot and has grown so much physically. She hardly looks like the little girl we first met back in July 2014. Just a couple more years and she'll enter the incredible teenage years.


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