Wednesday, 11 May 2016

From a Preemie to a 5 Year Old

Brandon was a tiny preemie when he was born over a month before due date. At just a little over four pounds he looked so small, skinny and vulnerable. We just prayed that he would survive and survive he did. After almost a month in the NICU he came home.

We surrounded him with love and watched him round the clock making sure he's breathing and eating enough to fatten him up. He slept a lot as young babies do and it was the best thing for him. We were lucky he was healthy after that being just a typical toddler. He grew and grew and before we knew it he turned 5 years old today.

He's come a long way but he is thriving and we're thankful for that. Last year he even became a big brother to baby brother Jaxon whom he loves. He started school like all the other kids. Good job goes out to the parents for raising this baby so well and to everyone else who loves him.

Happy 5th birthday Brandon.

You've grown so beautifully Brandon Chase

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