Wednesday, 24 August 2016


To continue recording our trip. Here we are at the close of a day. We usually had dinner out and then walked around just to enjoy the atmosphere, being with people, stopping off for a drinks at different places. Many times it was late but it was warm and the whole experience so different than at home. We don't do these things at home so why not take full advantage of the situation.

Next day we found ourselves in Island Murter. It was another nice place and we had lunch there, shopped for souvenirs, always finding something cute and different.

Never seen olives on a tree before so this is what they look like and they are growing all over Dalmatia.

Our delicious lunch at Murter.

We also found a beach there and even though it was getting late in the evening we did try out the water. It was a bit cold, took some getting used to but still it's a beach and we enjoyed it.

Next morning we visit the nearby bakery store. Oh so many good things to eat there, most of which I shouldn't be touching however it's fresh aroma invites us all to have something.

In the last two years since Maya has been with us getting the good nutrition she so badly needed and all the vitamins her hair has been growing like crazy. It is so beautiful and long now and she is quite proud of it and so are we even though she keeps wanting to curl it.

We are on our way to Island Pag and this is the bridge to get to it. Lots of rocks and mountains all around in this area and it looks amazing.

Here is a picture of Krissy by the bridge and one taken of her ten years ago in 2006 when she was 
about fourteen. It's so cool to have this picture of her then and now in the exact same spot in Croatia. Love it.

This is Pag City.

We took a quick peek at a very popular beach for the young kids called "Zrce"
We did not stay because the kids didn't feel like they should be seen here with their parents.
Lots of loud dance music here ready for a party.

We found a much quieter beach called Cista (clean) Beach

The water hear was super clear and not too cold. Maya and I had floating contests, who can float the longest. Needless to say she won.

That's the road out right above these cars but kind of looks like some otherworld.

Another night comes to a close as the moon peeks through the ancient buildings in Zadar.

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