Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A Tea and a Snake

We are back home now and it was some vacation, everything that could go wrong did and in the very end our flight was cancelled at last minute, found another one to get onto but our luggage did not. I mean really, I'm surprised we found our way home.

But back to some better days, we did find that over in Croatia and maybe in Europe overall having tea is sort of a ritual. You put in the teabag, you put in the honey, you put in the lemon and bit of milk if you want, you stir, you wait, you socialize, you stir and we liked it. Everywhere you go you get the honey and the lemon. Also cafes are anywhere they can fit a table and a few chairs but that too we like, it's cozy.

We did find the water eventually. I wish we had more time just to lounge at the beach but we were busy non-stop. It was only an hour here and an hour there that we got to the beach and there are many beaches to see. The water is cool but we get used to it.

this was just a cute pizza box

Then we went for dinner and the most amazing light hit us, the most glorious sunset I've ever seen. We just sat there browsing the menus when this golden light poured over us. I had to look up because it was like someone literally pointed a lamp at us. It went on for a good ten to fifteen minutes with the most beautiful hues. Everyone stopped to look. It was something for sure.

I love this Sunset served in a Glass

Next day however it was overcast and cool, lots of wind and rain. It would not stop us however and no one else for that matter. Streets are crawling with people as it was the whole two weeks we were there, tourists from all over the world. All kinds of languages could be heard day or night.

At home I was missing these two little munchkins huddling together.

Jax catches a nap after lunch just like the kitty below. Kitties liked to nap a lot and just basically do nothing but check out the tourists every now and then.

So what are we to do on this cool day - why not see the Gallery, Art Gallery I thought. Oh, what a lovely idea but not this time. This time it was art of a different kind. Colors were beige, brown and green like those you find in Snakes. Yes, this time the gallery featured Snakes. Perhaps that's exciting for some people but not for me. I have a phobia of snakes but I venture inside just to take some pictures hoping none of them will find their way outside.

Wouldn't you know it, my husband says oh look they're letting us hold snakes, I'm doing it. Ok, I'll just take pictures. The snake seems very calm as she snakes up his shoulder and round his neck. Then it gets draped over his shoulders and it starts to nibble at his ear. I get goose flesh just looking at it.

Then Kristina too picks it up and drapes it around her neck. She smiles like nothing's happening. She's so at ease with the snake that she lets her to slither around her and it looks like expensive jewelry around her neck and wrist. They're both beautiful, Kristina and the snake. I notice the snake is still very calm as she twists around her hair and shoulders, she seems very gentle as she explores.

My daughter has held snakes before and she's so at ease with them she talks me into holding one too. Not on you life I say at first but like I said the snake seems very gentle and light. Somehow by some miracle my husband and both my daughters talk me into having the snake around my neck. Really, this is my worst nightmare come true but I thought maybe it was time to face my fears. I decide I will do it in the next post, lol

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