Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Still here

It's been so hard to blog for two reasons. One, I don't get Internet all the time for my laptop. So, it all depends where I am. The second reason is we received some bad news from back home and I've not felt like being on the computer much. Really, I don't feel like doing much of anything but go home though we've still a few days to finish up here so we'll stick it out.

These photos are still back in Dalmatia with the laze Dalmatian cats, lounging all day long and grooming themselves. There are many churches all over town, they're ancient and beautiful. I wish I could go inside each one but the time is short, as we take care of many things to do with hubby's parents. It's not all fun and games.

We did find a moment or two, this time to go see the Museum of Illusions which was a welcome relief from the duties and the heat outside. It is scorching and the sun is getting to me, making me feel like having heat stroke. It's hard to cool off when it gets that hot. It takes forever. It's not that it's hotter than where we normally live, it's hot there too but not all places have air conditioner that we are so use to.

All these photos are still in Zadar.

I found out later that this is St. Simon church and I wish we'd gone inside to see it better but I do have some pics of it from outside. 

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