Wednesday, 16 April 2014

LOI Approved

A quick post just to let you know that our LOI was approved yesterday. So, now CCCWA is onto our logged in Dossier for assessment and approval. Honestly, I had no idea that we were already DTC and LID. Last agency told me was they were done processing the paperwork I sent them and then soon after we had to change something in our home study and had to wait for approval again so I thought the dossier never went to China yet since we were waiting on another approval BUT dossier did go to China and ...

we were LID on 03/10/14 - fantastic

it's been a month since then and hopefully enough time to be translated and ready for the assessment happening now

in that case we look forward to the Letter Seeking Confirmation soon afterward
then it's just waiting on our Ministry, it's all happening so fast now, finally

in the meantime sending love to our sweet girl waiting in China

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