Tuesday, 8 April 2014

We are ""Matched""

Unbelievable. This day has finally come. We've been approved for the higher age and a proposal has come. Our social worker called me today at work to let me know we've been matched with a child, a beautiful nine year old girl from the special needs program. Good thing I could walk to an empty office to take the call as I could hardly contain my excitement. We've worked so hard to be able to help one child and now we will get the chance.

She is from the Jiangxi province. She's a smart little girl who likes singing and dancing. She is in grade four. She likes dressing up and likes to be tidy. Wonderful. She has been interviewed and she wants to be adopted by a foreign family so she could have a bright future. That is great to hear as that was one of the main concerns we had with her being an older child. Though her orphanage set up her documents, who really knows how the child feels. Maybe she doesn't want to leave China but as far as we've been told she longs to have a normal family even if it means going to a foreign land. She is ready for it. My heart breaks for her having to leave her homeland but we will work hard to help her adjust and she can. I know this first hand. I was young when my parents decided to move to Canada and I came here without a word of English. Sure, I was made to feel different at first but I was determined and eager to fit in, to make friends and to progress through school and personal life. I adjusted and I wouldn't change a thing. I'm happy for all the experiences I had, that's made me the person I am today. I still visit and respect my homeland but this has been my home and we will help our daughter do the same. I can't share her picture yet but I will show you a little bit of it.

This Friday our social worker is coming over to officially present the proposal for signing. I think we already have a lot of our questions answered but she will help us with anything else. After signing our Letter of Intent it will go back to the Ministry for an approval yet again for the adoption of this particular little girl. After we've been approved I will include more details about her but then we eagerly anticipate our DTC, dossier to China and the China government PA, pre approval and then God willing we will have TA, travel approval when we will go get our new daughter and give her the life that she wants, with family and a mom and dad who love her. She and every orphan out there deserves that as much as anyone.

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