Saturday, 5 April 2014

He will hear Him through me

A little move forward and possibly we might have a referral. It is something we have awaited a long time. The Ministry called our social worker for a small revision to the home study change that she put in for us and then they will be done processing it. So we might actually get their approval this week. This is wonderful news. What's even more wonderful our agency received the file they've been waiting for, a file we might see. It would be the best news ever. I never thought we would be this far in the process of adoption as it is due to my reluctant hubby but God has moved a mountain, literally and my hubby is reluctant no more. He is very supportive and looks forward to helping one child into a family. He is helping with her room, he talked to the agency, he has questions he wants to ask at referral time. Amazing. When Anthony of No Greater Joy Dad told me that my hubby will hear God speak like he has to him I thought it would never happen. How would he hear it if he's not open to it, he will hear it through me, he said. And that's exactly what happened. Mind you it was hard, very hard, there were some very trying times but my husband has been taken with the plight of the orphan just like I have and we're in this together all the way.

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