Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Maya's Party - part 2

Just making this a short post to add some more pictures from the party on Aug. 30th. Fun was had by all even when one of the sand castles pitched forward a little. Good thing there was a tree to stop it and the kids were ok. You know how sometimes parties can go very wrong but this one went very right and I think Maya enjoyed it very much too. Every time I mention a birthday coming up or something special she wants to know if there will be a party. Perhaps she's expecting presents every time as kids often do.  Just to mention that today Maya received her Canadian citizenship certificate and she is now officially a Canadian girl.

I wish I'd gotten a bigger cake or got more dessert but thanks to Brandon's daddy John he whipped up a platter of chocolate treats that were yummy.

Time out for a selfie  and then a water balloon fight. Balloons were everywhere. No one was safe. I could just see the worry on mom's face over the soaking grass but I told her it will be okay, it's just water.

Catching up with old friends and new. Love the bottom photo of my hubby with a backward Duck Dynasty hat. He is the life of the party, filled with stories and laughter and a good heart and that's why I love him so much.

In the evening we our Polynesia hats on that the girls made. They were so cute and the bottom photo is a wonderful portrait by Maya. 

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