Monday, 27 October 2014

End of September

We are chugging along in our world with one adopted child. She is settling in and is definitely doing better at school and at home. She is trying a lot harder to get along with others. Before it was all about her and only her, what her needs and wants were. Now, the rest of us are more in her world and she often gives consideration to the rest of us. Not that we are totally out of the woods yet. There are days when she forgets and goes back to her old ways. That is bound to happen, after all she is only three months home. Home forever. As she slowly realizes this I'm sure she will feel more safe and see that if she doesn't get her way today she might tomorrow because there is a tomorrow with her new family. Tomorrow and the day after and day after she will still be here. Right now she is still not so sure so in he mind she takes advantage of things while she can.

We have been enjoying fall and the fallen leaves. Many days it was so pretty with yellow and red leaves everywhere. We had lots of fun with it. She is looking forward to Halloween as she says there is Halloween in China but they do not do Trick or Treating. It will be a princess costume for sure for our princess.

We also completed the first Doctor's visit and ended up with three needles to start her immunization. We really do not have a complete record from China so we will start fresh with a new card and all the immunizations a child her age should have. She was very tense at first and clung to daddy and you can tell he's very protective and tried to make her comfortable all the way. Who would've thought that my husband has a heart for a little orphan girl from China. He is incredible.

Everything looks good with Maya healthwise. She is a little under on the weight scale so we will try to get into her a little more than noodles and rice. For height she is fifty percentile. Our Doctor is just about to have a baby, in fact any day now so we won't be seeing her for a few months but Maya will need to go back for more needles at end of November so we will need to make this appointment soon.

And just a few more pix of enjoying the outdoors with our oldest Sherie and family in September.

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