Thursday, 2 October 2014

Special Birthday

We gathered our family together for another celebration, this time my birthday. We had a nice lunch together and let Maya go at the Chinese food though she did have it backwards I did not argue. She ate whip cream and ice cream first and then the meat. Still the many choices were too much for her and she did not fill her plate at all but had one thing or two things at a time. She did have a good time with the family as she slowly blossoms in social situations. There was a happy birthday song but luckily no one asked my age, let's keep it quiet please. I know another year has gone by but who's counting. Eventually we all get older so let's just keep it at that only this birthday is very special as this year I'm a mother again to this lovely young girl. I"m very thankful for the gift of another child this year and at this time of my life.

Mom and dad looking good as always. I'm glad they are up to a little party or a little get together whenever something is going on. They are both doing good and at the moment are even learning to use a little computer.

I love Brandon's China's silk outfit. It is a perfect fit for him right now and he doesn't mind wearing it. The little dragon looks awesome.  Maya picked a good colour as it really pops on him.  Will have to get him a bigger size next time.



Brandon loves his great grandpa and great grandma and comes over to give them kisses. He is a lucky boy to experience grandparents and great grandparents, something I never had and even my grandparents passed away early and two grandfathers whom I never met. It's a great feeling to have many generations in the family.

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