Monday, 4 November 2013

From Dossier to a Miracle

When they say adoption is a paper pregnancy they are not kidding. After you've done the home study for which you sign and gather many documents then comes the Dossier which is nothing more than more documents. By now many of the documents we could've used, like the police checks are outdated and we have to get new ones. On Saturday we got our police checks again but I'm hoping we don't have to re-do the fingerprints. I'll see what the agency says. We also got our passport photos taken. Before that I did some certified documents and more photocopies, printed photos, digital photos. Really, I think I have most of it done, just waiting on two more reference letters, one employment letter and a couple of other things. So, it's paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork, waiting on this, waiting on that. Again it makes me wonder if we'll ever get to the point of where we might see a child's file or have a referral. It all still seems so far away and it's super hard to keep working at all this without a child in mind, without their picture, without knowing if there ever will be a child. Little Rosie had resurfaced somehow and my agency called her orphanage but she is not better. She is a bedridden child we just don't know why. It could be her untreated hydrocephalus, or she might have CP, or if she didn't meet her milestones on time she may have been neglected, at this point we just don't know, the only thing we know is that she can't do much. If anything with her changes it would be a miracle so let's hope for a miracle.

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