Monday, 14 July 2014

Grow in our Family Garden of Love

Okay now we are really getting close. It's 5 days to our China trip to meet our daughter Maya. I want to be really really excited but I have to keep calm or at least as calm as can be because there is still so much to do - the packing, the paperwork, the lists of appointments, leaving the house in half decent shape, keeping up with our kids and family. Everyone now knows that soon our clan will grow by one.  Our beautiful little girl comes to us from China. It was completely unexpected and unusual that is for sure but absolutely always meant to be. Our red thread is now tightening and soon the ends will meet. If you don't know about the red thread you can read about it here - The Red Thread.

We have also been busy trying to put together a bedroom for our daughter and it is complete for now. She can put on the finishing touches and do some decorating. For now it's the essentials and a few things. I had a lot of help from my hubby  and kids and for that I'm grateful. Now I just need to finish all the packing and then we can board that plane that will take us to her.

I know this Princess bedding may not last long. She is nine. Next year she will be ten but for now I couldn't help it it - seeing that we already have a Princess, Maya will be a Princess in training and she too will soon graduate. As she does get older she can pick her own bedding when the time comes for it. For now pink, purple and violet rules.  Also found this picture frame that seemed absolutely perfect in colour and wording.

Five more days and counting.

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