Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Teas and Silks

Today we got up and had our last breakfast here in Beijing and around noon time we will get on the bus for the airport. We are leaving early as some people are leaving at 3:30 but our plane departs at 6 pm so we will have a long wait until then. Maya will not be pleased but we will try to see if there are more books or such we can get for her to read. It is an overcast day again or is it smog, not sure but no sun anyway. Did not see rain yet. We are trying to relax and just watch TV for now.

Yesterday we had our farewell party at a restaurant and there was a bit of a dancing show and a clown for the kids, at the end there was a cake. I will post about that when we get home.  For now I will go back to the other day when we visited more traditional tourist spots the Tea Room and Silk Factory.

Today we watched a cool Tea Ceremony with many different types of teas for everything and anything that ails you or just to relax in the evening. It has to be brewed and poured and even the cup held just so, with the pinky up for the ladies.

When it was over we picked out some tea for ourselves, there were many to chose from and it was hard to pick just a few. We tried so many and it was hard to remember which one was which. Some were very aromatic and some not much.  Also got some beautiful tea cups.

Another stop was the Silk Factory where we got lectures on keeping the silk worms and silk making. There was lots of beautiful silk bedding and clothes to chose from. I really didn't go through too much clothing because it would be too hard to chose but I got a red silk dress and Maya picked out a pink one and we got some things for our older kids and before you know it the total adds up.  After silk it was lunch time. As we got out there was a little doggy in a cage. I'm hoping it's just a pet. We did see a dog on a few occasions on a leash which I presume was a pet. Never got a chance to see a scorpion on a stick or any of those delicacies.

All in all it was a very full day but in the end it was a happy day, all went really, really well. These occasions are lovely to behold.

On the bus we were serenaded with someone singing I love You China and at the end of the day back in our hotel room we tried on our silks and Skyped with grandma and grandpa who talked to Maya for the very first time. We modelled our dresses and robes.

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